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(In-person & Virtual Available)

I can help you with:

Common concerns with littles:

  • painful latch

  • slow weight gain

  • lip and/or tongue ties

  • bottle feeding skills

  • prematurity

  • weaning from nipple shield

  • breast refusal

  • side preference

Common concerns with moms:

  • low milk supply or oversupply

  • plugged ducts and/or mastitis

  • nipple pain and damage

  • preparing to return to work

  • questions concerning breast pump

  • prenatal planning/education needs

  • weaning


Appointment is up to 90 minutes.

Includes review of health history, pre and post feeding weights, education, reviewing breast pump and bottles, custom care plan, report to your healthcare provider and follow-up support for two weeks via secure messaging. 

Virtual - $125


Appointment is up to 75 minutes.

For those who have had an initial visit and require further assistance in person.

Includes feeding assessment, review of care plan, weight gain and answering any questions you may have. 

Virtual - $95

Did you know that I can accept insurance?
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Areas of Service

Coverage offered to all of the following and surrounding areas


Weekend Fee- $35
This will apply to the following: any time after 5pm Friday through 8am Monday.
Travel Fee-For distances greater than 30 miles.
$25 for 31-40 miles             $35 for 41-50 miles
$45 for 51-55 miles       $1 per mile beyond 55 miles
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